Survival Horror

Background Image Player Mutant

Danger Lurks
At Zero Below

Somewhere in Antarctica, danger lurks below the ice. In the throes of the ferocious arctic winter storm, something other worldly is stirring.

At a top-secret underground research facility hidden deep below the frozen wasteland, full lock-down is engaged and disaster is imminent.

As security officer Axel Bowers finds himself trapped in a state of alert and nowhere to go, further investigation is required. Make your way through the facility — and discover unthinkable horrors prowling the hallways.

Relive classic horror

Zero Below The Sun is a survival horror game inspired by the classics, with 90's retro aesthetic in full low-res 3D.

  • 90's retro aesthetics
  • Over-the-shoulder view
  • Contemporary controls and mechanics
  • Classic puzzle solving
  • Danger around every corner
  • Isolated and atmospheric environments

You are Axel Bowers, a security officer at a secret underground Antarctic facility. Make your way though the corridors in a familiar over-the-shoulder 3rd person view and arm yourself to the teeth with military grade weaponry, as you discover the frozen terror that awaits you.

Sound the Frozen Terror

At full lock-down, raging chaos and nowhere to go, further investigation is required. Make your way through the facility and find out why everyone is turning into menacing mutants. Your trip home is cancelled.

Modern feel, vintage look

Gameplay inspired by classic survival horror, but with modern controls and visuals reminiscent of retro low-res 3D games of the mid-90's. Run, strafe, roll and aim and shoot to stay alive. Zero in on enemies' limbs with precision if you are feeling adventurous.

All content are work-in-progress and subject to change.

Keep your wits

Battle your way through increasingly mutated enemies in the gloomy hallways of the multi-level underground facility and arm yourself with an arsenal of weapons from the armory.

Escape the icy prison

Discover the frozen new threat and stop it from escaping its icy prison and endangering the world. Will you survive the frozen terror?

Stay frosty, stay alive

Find survivors, collect equipment and investigate what caused the lock-down. But some things are not what they seem and what looks to be survivors might be something else. Expect the unexpected, but don't expect to get out alive.


Teaser Trailer of Zero Below The Sun.